Small Groups

Small groups are designed to connect us to God, our church, and each other.

Each group is designed to help you grow spiritually and connect with others in order to build true community. From single adults to seniors, we have a group for everyone. Most groups are sermon-based, so the message you hear on Sunday morning will be the discussion material for your group.

Even Jesus had a small group

When Jesus Christ walked this earth, He created a group of people that gave Him consistent, intimate connection. We should follow His example and be closely connected with a group of believers that will challenge and encourage us in our daily walk.

We Have Small Groups For Everyone

Felix & Marcia Cabrera  ·  Spanish

Eric & Cheri Dempsay  ·  General 

Steven Garner  ·  General

Bob & Holly Gorz  ·  General

Dominic & Amanda Kalmeta  ·  General

Blake & Katie Marshall  ·  General

Harold Lea  ·  55+ Years Old

David & Rebekah Scott  ·  General

David & Krystal Helgeson  ·  General

Matt Ullman  · 55+ Years Old

Patrick & Hannah Dye · General

Tom & Joyce Nichols  ·  55+ Years Old

Bob Davies · General

Adam & Elizabeth Zamora · College & Career

Joe & Stephanie Porter  ·  General

Kathy Alley · Women's