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We’re Saving A Seat For You!

We don’t care how you’re dressed, how many tattoos you have, or for which candidate you voted. We’re a church full of broken, imperfect people with every story imaginable.  We don’t have it all together.  We’re on a journey discovering what it means to find life in Jesus, to follow Him fully and to walk in victory together.

We’ll save you a seat!


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Current Series: Breaking the Chains

Bondage: n. servitude to a controlling person or force. The Bible tells us that our sin is something that we are born into. We are controlled by it. We are driven by it. We default to it. Our sin is something that, on our own, we are held under bondage. Jesus heard the same things that you might perhaps be thinking now, “Bondage? But, I can control this. But, I can stop any time I want.”

Freedom: n. liberation from restraint or power of another.  Jesus said, “The Truth will make you free!” The truth is, we can’t, on our own, control it. The truth is, we can’t, on our own, stop any time we want. We need the freedom that Jesus brings. We need the victory that Jesus promises. We need Jesus. So come and join us for our 6-week journey as we experience His amazing power — BREAKING THE CHAINS!


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