For all ages


Better Together

Weekly Life Groups

Life in Jesus starts with belonging to Him and then leads to becoming like Him. But, this never is intended to happen outside the context of community. We’re excited to do life with you! We are “better together” because we each have the opportunity to learn and grow as we influence each other’s lives. We don’t want anyone to do life alone! Joining a group is a great next step to living life in community and building lasting relationships.

SUN 8: 45 AM

  • Married Life Group
  • Vessels of Honor (Ladies)
  • Ironmen (Men)

SUN 10:30 AM

  • Legacy of Faith (62+)
  • Journey Class (ages 18 – 25)

WED 5:30 PM

  • Discipleship Life Group
  • Legacy of Faith (62+)

WED 7:00 PM

  • Horizons Class (ages 26 – 35)
  • Cornerstone Class (ages 36 – 45)
  • Ambassadors Class (ages 46 – 61)
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