Helping people encounter the real Jesus.

The majority of people in our part of the world know about or at the very least have heard about Jesus. Many may even go as far as to tell you they love Jesus. They grew up in church. They never miss a Christmas or Easter service. They have Bibles in their homes. Scripture verses are hanging on their walls. Jesus seems to be a big part of their lives. The problem is, He’s just not the center. Their lives are not that much different than everyone else’s.

What if more is possible? What if Jesus is bigger than you think He is? Better than you think He is? More loving than you think He is? More gracious than you think He is? What if there's a joy and a peace available to you that you cannot even dare to imagine?

Our mission at Desert Hills is to help people encounter the real Jesus. The real Jesus is so much more than a consultant offering you a better life. He is so much more than a hero to admire or a teacher to emulate. Jesus is the very Creator of the Universe. He is the center of all things and the One for whom all things exist.

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Following Jesus.

What does it mean to follow Jesus? God loves you right where you are, but He loves you too much to leave you there. Following Jesus means embracing a life of surrender to Him. It’s more than a one-time prayer or regular church attendance. It’s a deep, engaging, heart-level journey that affects every area of your life. And while we still live, there’s always a next step.

As we read through Scripture we can’t help but notice a path that God most often leads His people down. It starts with knowing and loving Him and leads to knowing and loving people. We’re convinced following Jesus is an invitation to…

  • Abide in Him through Relationship
  • Grow in Him through Worship
  • Connect with others through Community and Involvement
  • Go share Him through Life Movement

Desert Hills is a group of people who are dedicated to help you identify and take your next step in the safety and freedom of community.

Abide in God.

You were created to know God. Personally and relationally. This is more than head knowledge. The Birth, life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus show us the infinite lengths God is willing to go to have a close, intimate relationship with us. He doesn’t just love us. John 3:16 says “God so loved” us.

We consider it a great privilege to help kids and teens abide in Him as well. Desert Hills Baptist Church has always dedicated generous resources and passionate leadership to helping kids and teens encounter the real Jesus.

Grow in Him

Following Jesus also means becoming more like Him. Our salvation and eternity are secure the moment we accept Jesus as our Savior. The payment for our sins and the Lord of our life.  But our sanctification (Bible word for spiritual maturity) is a lifelong process. Becoming more like Jesus means letting go of our past and growing in the freedom He brings through worship.

Worship at Desert Hills is much more than a song. It’s singing about Him. It’s praying to Him. It’s connecting with others because of Him. It’s learning to be more like Him. It’s giving back to Him, because of all He’s given us. Our kids and teens also engage in worship the same age appropriate way.

Connect with others.

Following Jesus means understanding that we are better together.  Life in Jesus starts with belonging to Him and then leads to becoming like Him.  But, this never is intended to happen outside the context of community. We’re excited to do life with you!  We are “better together” because we each have the opportunity to learn and grow as we influence each other’s lives. We don’t want anyone to do life alone!  Joining a LIFE group is a great next step to living life in community and building lasting relationships.

CONNECT Groups at Desert Hills are designed to help you grow. Every Sunday throughout the year, we encourage you to take this easy on-ramp for you to CONNECT to our Community. Our kids and teens also have a group that is geared just for them.

God didn’t just save you from something, He saved you for something! You were created in the image of God with a unique purpose. Purpose isn’t something that we create or choose for ourselves. It’s something that we discover in the context of community. Discovering your purpose and involving yourself in His Kingdom is a part of this journey and we’re committed to helping you every step of the way.

Share Him with others.

Finally, following Jesus means going out into our world, loving our neighbor and making a difference. We find great joy in worshiping passionately, giving generously, serving consistently, sharing boldly and helping others find their purpose as they take their next step. Freely we have received, freely we get to go make a difference!

What if more is possible? We believe the Church was always meant to be more.  Not just a building. Not just a weekly gathering. But a movement. We invite you to come be a part.